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Single & Mirror Wills 

Single & Mirror Wills 

Everyone should have a Will yet there are so many people who haven’t got around to writing one yet. We totally understand this, as you lead a busy life and sorting out a Will is probably the last thing on your mind. However, knowing that a professional Will is in place takes a huge weight off your shoulders and protects both your assets and your loved ones when the time comes. 

Why should I make a Will? 

It’s amazing how many strong reasons there are to make a Will. Aside from clearly allocating property, cash and assets, it also helps to protect your personal wishes and the welfare of your loved ones in a variety of ways: 
If you have children under the age of 18, it's imperative that you appoint guardians to look after them if you die. 
If you have vulnerable or disabled children, a correctly written Will can ensure they are not disadvantaged by inheriting from you 
Being married or in a civil partnership is not sufficient to ensure your full estate passes to them without a Will 
If you're unmarried or cohabiting and live together in a house that isn’t jointly owned, the person not owning the property will not automatically inherit the property without a Will in place. 
You may be concerned about allowing your partner to inherit all of your estate when you die, then forming a new relationship or remarrying and changing their Will to exclude your children. 
If your total wealth exceeds the Inheritance Tax threshold, a carefully drafted Will can help to mitigate your tax liability 
You may have specific personal possessions that you want a particular person to inherit, such as family heirlooms, antiques, and items that hold significant sentimental value. 
There may be people who could make a claim on your estate who you wish to exclude. 
A Will allows you to clearly state your funeral preferences, such as whether you wish to be buried or cremated. 

Things to consider when making a Will: 

Your Will makes it clear exactly what you wish to happen when you die. As a result, there are a few considerations to take into account when writing one, which we can help you to clarify: 
Careful consideration is needed regarding your beneficiaries, particularly if you wish to exclude someone from inheriting. 
Choosing the right Executors and Trustees is crucial, as these are the people you’re appointing to carry out your wishes. 
If you have young children, it's imperative to appoint suitable Guardians. Guardians are the people you trust to step in and care for children under the age of 18. 
You may wish to include details for your funeral, make provision for your pets, or gift a specific item that you cherish to a loved one. 
You may need to protect vulnerable or disabled people with a Trust or ensure your children don't disinherit your estate when you die. 
A common wish is to specifically protect your home for your children in the future, which a Will can ensure is properly carried out. 

What are the different types of Wills? 

Your Will needs to reflect your individual circumstances, which is why our friendly specialists are dedicated to helping you understand your options and choose the most suitable solution. 

Single Will  

A Will for an individual 

All other Trust Wills  

Depending on your circumstances and needs, there may be another type of Trust Will that is more suitable. We can help you to decide which format of Will is most fitting. 

Mirror Will  

Essentially, a Mirror Will is two individual Wills that are practically identical and essentially mirror each other. 

Same Day Single Wills & Mirror Wills  

Sometimes an emergency may arise that necessitates a professional Will being created very quickly. We’re here to provide a priority service to ensure that everything is in place much faster than usual. Please note that this service requires time to take instruction, draft the Will and present it back to you to be signed and witnessed. 

Protective Property Trust Will  

A Will for couples that includes a trust specifically designed to protect your share of the family home against future circumstantial changes, which would otherwise potentially take it away from those you wish to benefit. 

Advance Decision (Living Will)  

This type of Will enables you to decide what type of medical treatment you will be given in certain situations, as well as which treatment you do not consent to. 

Create an Online Will in 15 minutes  

The team here at 4 Probate & Wills provides expert guidance and advice to anyone who needs it. However, if you’re 100% certain that you require a simple Single Will, or Mirror Wills, and would like it to be created quickly, take a look at our Online Will Service. The application process takes just 15 minutes to complete, all while ensuring our trademark attention to detail and outstanding customer service. 

Related services 

There are many other services that our clients require as a means of planning their estates to the highest standard. Below are some of the most popular: 
Letter of Wishes drafting service for complete peace of mind. These are usually prepared to be read alongside your Will if it contains specific provisions or Trusts which require further instructions on how they should be carried out or managed. 
Severance of (joint) Tenancy in relation to a Protective Property Trust Will. This is a Land Registry application which changes the ownership type of your property to allow the Property trust to work. 
Will Storage and Retention. This also includes the registration of your Will with Certainty, The National Will Register, to prevent it from ever going missing. 
Valuable Document Storage, such as Title Deeds, Insurance Documents and Share Certificates. This ensures that all documentation linked to your estate remains safe and sound in our professional, reliable and 100% compliant document storage facility. 

If you're not sure what type of Will you need, just get in touch with one of our friendly team today!   

4 Probate & Wills are members of The Society of Will Writers, the leading self-regulatory body for Professional Estate Planners with over 1,700 members in the UK. 
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