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Why should you make a Will? 

A Will is one of the most important legal documents you will ever sign. 
It is the only way to ensure your wishes are carried out after your death, whether it is who cares for your young children or how your property and possessions are distributed. 
If you are not married or in a Civil Partnership you can’t assume that your surviving partner will get everything, you could be treated as a single person and they may get nothing. 
At 4 Probate and Wills we offer a comprehensive, easy Will Writing Service, taking into account your individual circumstances to make a Will that’s right for you. 

Things to consider when making a Will? 

Your Will should reflect your wishes and be clear what your intentions are.  
Careful consideration is needed regarding your beneficiaries, particularly if you wish to exclude someone from inheriting.  
Choosing the right Executor(s) and Trustees is important as these are the people you trust to carry out your wishes. 
If you have young children it's imperative to appoint suitable Guardians. Guardians are the people you trust to step in and care for children under the age of 18. 
You may wish to include details for your funeral, make provision for your pets or gift a specific item that you cherish to a loved one.  
To protect vulnerable or disabled people with a Trust or ensure your children don't disinherit your estate when you die may be important to you. 
If you are unmarried it is essential you have a Will, as unmarried couples have no legal rights to each others estate in most cases. 
If you are married and have no Will you will die intestate, meaning your legal spouse or civil partner may only receive a proportion of your estate.  

Types of Wills 

Single Will 
Mirror Will 
Protective Property Trust Will 
Other Trust Wills 
Same Day Single Will 
Same Day Mirror Will 
Advance Decision (Living Will) 
(Please note that our same day service will require time to take the instruction, draft the Will and present it back to you to be signed and witnessed). 
For simple Wills, we also have an online service. It takes just 15 minutes to complete! 

Other Services 

Letter of Wishes drafting service 
Severance of Tenancy - in relation to a Protective Property Trust Will 
Will Storage and retention - This also includes the registration of your Will with Certainty ‘The National Will Register’ to ensure your original Will never goes missing. 
Additional Document Storage - for example Title Deeds, Insurance Documents or Share Certificates 
At 4 Probate and Wills you can choose either a Home Visit or an office appointment, whichever you prefer. Our comprehensive service will take your instructions and translate them into a document that is simple and easy to understand by you, your Executors and the Probate Court. 
We are Full Members of the Society of Will Writers, a self regulatory organisation which seeks to protect the public and serve the interests of those men and women who are active professionals in the field. 

Single Wills A Will just for you 

You can make a Single Will whether you have a partner or not. With our guidance and help, you will instruct us on the person or persons you would like to look after your Estate when you pass away. There may be particular people or charities you want to benefit from your estate which is why making a Will is so important. 
If you have children under 18 you will want to ensure the right person looks after them and brings them up in the best possible environment. This will also protect their inheritance for their future. 

Mirror Wills Almost identical documents 

Mirror Wills are ideal for couples whether married/in a civil partnership who want to leave everything to each other on first death. Should you both die together you can make provision for any children you have or for another named beneficiary. 
PLEASE NOTE – If one or both parties wish to have something different written into their Will, you will need to consider two Single Wills which will detail each parties specific wishes. We will be there to advise you which is the right option. 

 Trust Wills  

We offer a range of Trusts that can be drafted into a Will for a host of reasons, whether it's to mitigate inheritance tax or to protect assets for future generations. You may be concerned that the family home is at risk and want to ensure your children inherit it when you've gone. 
For further information on our Trust Wills or Will requirements, go to our dedicated page or please contact one of our friendly, local team today. 
To find out more about any of the services or products we offer please get in touch and speak to one of our expert team. 
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