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Submit your details to allow us to prepare a legal Will in a few simple steps 

Start creating a legal Will in a few simple steps 

 (This online application is not a print at home Will) Single Will £99 or Mirror Wills £179 (two Wills)  

Simply complete the questionnaire using the guidance notes, which takes less than 15 minutes. 
Unlike most online Will providers we ensure the legality of your Will, before posting them for signing.  
This is not an automated, print at home service, which could invalidate your Will. 
Every Will is Professionally drafted by a qualified Will Writer to ensure it complies with the current laws of England and Wales and is covered by our £2,500,000 liability insurance. 
If at any time you need assistance you can call us, use the live chat function or email for guidance. 
Your application will be saved so you can return to it any time. (Just click on the link in your email) 
This is an online application only. Only choose this option if you wish to send your details to us. A draft Will is only produced once we have validated you are the applicant. You must confirmed the content of a draft are correct. Before we post out the original for signing and witnessing. 

Online Wills - how it works   

The only way to ensure your estate is distributed as you would like, is to write a Will. Without a Will the Government will decide who receives your estate under the laws of intestacy. Being married doesn't mean your partner automatically inherits your estate, far from it. 
You need to be able to read, write, understand English, and retain information to ensure your Will is legal (Mental Capacity Act Code of Practice 2005). You must ensure that your Will reflects your wishes and you are not under duress, pressure or being coerced. You may change your Will at any time as long as you have the capacity to do so. 
If you choose Mirror Wills, we assume that for the main part, your instructions are identical and you wish to leave everything to each other first. If you find that you have different wishes, it may be necessary to continue with two single Wills instead. In this case, please call us as we may be able to make minor changes without incurring further cost. 
You need to tell us who will benefit from your estate and how it's to be distributed. Who will take care of children under 18 should both parents die? What are your funeral wishes, which can be as simple as cremation or burial? Who will receive your treasured possessions or keepsakes? 
This service is ideal if you wish to send your details and wishes electronically to save time and your estate has no requirement for a Trust, Inheritance Tax or complex estate planning. (Assets outside England and Wales) You can still use this application for us to draft your Will but it will not cover foreign assets. 
If at any point the online Will service is not suitable in your circumstances, you will be prompted to call or email us. If you're not sure how to answer a question or the suitability, you can stop the application and contact us and return to it where you left off. 
It is important you check all details are accurate, taking care to spell names and addresses correctly. submitting your details this way reduces the time needed to draft you Will, allowing us to reduce the cost to £99 or £179 for mirror Wills. 
Once you have submitted the details and made payment, a confirmation will be sent to the email you provided whilst drafting your Will. A professional Will Writer will prepare your Will and send it to you within 7 days with clear instructions on what to do next. 

If this sounds like it would suit you, then simply click the button below to get started   

4 Probate & Wills are members of The Society of Will Writers, the leading self-regulatory body for Professional Estate Planners with over 1,700 members in the UK. 
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