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Will Review 

Will Review 

Your Will is one of the most important documents you will ever own. Rather than making one and leaving it until it’s required, we highly recommend reviewing your Will every 3-5 years or as soon as there’s a significant change in your circumstances. 

Why should I review my Will?  

Your Will covers all of your life’s achievements. It includes your property, cash savings, assets, investments and possessions, all of which you’ve worked very hard to build up. Even more importantly, your Will dictates how all of these assets should be allocated when you die, as well as any other specific wishes you may have. 

DIY or free Wills are very risky  

There are increasing instances where a DIY or free Will simply doesn’t do its job, resulting in your wishes no longer being legally binding. Only a professionally created Will guarantees complete peace of mind for you and your loved ones. 

You need your original Will  

When the time comes, a copy of a Will isn’t sufficient to administer the estate. Your Trustees or Executors require the original Will in order to fulfil your wishes. 

Is a solicitor named as your Executor or Trustee?  

Having a solicitor appointed in your Will as Executor or Trustee restricts your freedom to choose the most cost-effective way to deal with your estate. If your estate is uncomplicated you may appoint a spouse or trusted friend or family member of your choice. 

Examples of changes in circumstances 

Life can bring with it many changes, both good and bad. When your circumstances change, you need to ensure that your Will remains legitimate. Examples of changes in circumstances that may necessitate a new Will include: 
Getting married or remarried 
Getting separated or divorced 
Having children and the need to appoint a guardian 
Becoming a grandparent 
Inheritance Tax liability due to your property or savings increasing in value 
Executors who are no longer willing or capable of acting on your behalf 
Owning a property in joint names and not as tenants in common and wanting to ensure your share passes to your chosen loved ones 
Owning a property abroad 
Children or beneficiaries who are disabled or classed as vulnerable 
The purchase of a property 
Your original Will is damaged, altered, defaced, lost or has fallen apart 

Book your FREE Will Review  

You should regularly review your Will with the help of a qualified Will writing specialist. This ensures that it still reflects your wishes and protects the people who are dear to you. 
We’ve made our Will Review service extremely easy. Simply send a copy of your Will to us via email or in the post. If your Will accurately reflects your wishes, we’ll confirm this and you won’t have to review it again for another 3-5 years or until your circumstances change. 
If your Will doesn’t reflect your wishes, we will advise on how to amend it so that it does. It really couldn’t be simpler and we’ll make the process completely stress-free. 
For a free Will review, call our office on 01482 380740 or complete the online form below. One of our Will writing specialists will come back to you right away. 
4 Probate & Wills are members of The Society of Will Writers, the leading self-regulatory body for Professional Estate Planners with over 1,700 members in the UK. 
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