Why should I review my Will? 

You should review your Will at least every 3-5 years or if your circumstances have changed.  
Do know where the ORIGINAL is stored? 
Only the original Will can ever be used, copies have no value or purpose. 
Do you have a 'D.I.Y /free Will'? 
The complexity of Will writing leads to more and more so called free or D.I.Y Wills failing. 
Sadly you will only know it has failed when it's too late.  
Is a Solicitor named as your Executor or Trustee? 
Having a Solicitor appointed in your Will as Executor or Trustee restricts your freedom to choose the most cost effective way to deal with the estate.  
Have your circumstances changed since your Will was written? 
1. Are you now married or have re-married? 
2. Have you separated or divorced? 
3. Have you had children? 
4. Do you have Grandchildren? 
5. Do you have an Inheritance tax liability now your property and savings have increased in value? 
6. Have you appointed Guardians for your children? 
7. Are your Executors still willing and able to act for you? 
8. Do you own a property in joint names and not as tenants in common? 
9. Do you have property abroad? 
10. Do you have vulnerable or disabled children or beneficiaries? 
11. Do you have a clause preventing the Government inheriting your estate? 
12. Do you own your home and want to ensure it passes to your Partner or children? 
13. Is your ORIGINAL Will damaged, altered, defaced or fallen apart? 

Get A FREE Will Review 

You should review your Will every 3-5 years to ensure it still reflects your wishes and protects the people it intended to. 
Simply send a copy of your Will via email or by post. If your Will accurately reflects your wishes, we will tell you so, giving you peace of mind. 
If your Will doesn't’t reflect your wishes, we will advise you on how to amend it so that it does
Either call our office on 01482 380740 or complete the online form below and we will arrange to discuss your Will with you. 

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