*Funeral Plans from  £1195 for a single plan including a single Will* or £2270.50 for a joint plan including a mirror Will* 

The benefits of a Unique Funeral plan include. 
*A refund for the cost of a single Will when you pay for a single plan in full (£150)* 
*A refund for the cost of a mirror Will when you pay for a joint plan in full (£300)* 
Guaranteed to pay your funeral when it's needed 
100% refund of your chosen plan after 15 years (free funeral) 
Up to 18% cheaper than most other funeral plans 
5% discount on joint plan 
We will pay the cancellation fee if you have already pre-paid your funeral with another provider if you switch to a Unique Funeral Plan (limits apply) 
No interest or additional charges, if you choose to pay monthly over 12 months or less. 
More included as standard than other funeral plan providers 
Under 40's plan (cheaper premiums) 
NHS contribution with every plan taken 
You choose the funeral director 
Life insurance is NOT a funeral plan even though some are sold for that purpose.  
Funeral plans offer significant benefits over life insurance which fix the cost of the funeral director’s services at today’s prices so no matter how much the cost rises in the future, your family will have nothing more to pay, guaranteed. 
If you have savings put aside for your funeral, we could save you hundreds of pounds.  
*The refunded premium for a single Will is available with any Unique Funeral Plan or a Mirror Will for joint plans when you pay the full cost of the plan in one single payment. These Wills are professionally drafted by ourselves and includes the same level of advice as we provide to all our clients. The refund will be processed 90 days from the date of your plan and the plan must remain in force to qualify.  
Adding a Trust to your Will is the only additional cost if this is required

Choose the perfect plan 

We have a number of Funeral Plans and Providers so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Whichever plan you choose, it will guarantee the funds are available when the time comes. 

Not all funeral Plans are the same 

Please speak to us to find the best provider. 
Unique Funeral plans are our preferred providers who allow you to choose the funeral director. 
Click the Unique Funeral Plans link below to see whats included in each plan and buy direct if you choose.  
To find out more about any of our funeral plans, please get in touch and speak to one of our expert team
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